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God’s Timeline – Part 6 Creation Day 5


God’s Timeline – Part 6

Creation Day 5

Pastor Bruce A. Shields

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We began a couple weeks ago looking at the major peaks of events throughout scripture. Obviously, we are looking through this in order, so naturally, we are beginning with creation.



Genesis 1:20-23

 “And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.” 21 So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. 22 God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth.” 23 And there was evening, and there was morning—the fifth day.”



                  I.            CREATION UP TO THIS POINT

a.      Day 1 – 4,000 B.C. Genesis 1:1-5

                                                                         i.      In the beginning God creates the heavens (space & God’s Abode)

                                                                      ii.      And the earth (formless and empty covered in waters)

                                                                   iii.      God then created “light” and separated it from darkness


1.      I believe this is where all Universal Natural Laws concerning all of creation were spoke into existence

2.      Including gravity, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, Boyle’s law, Ohm’s law, physics, quantum & non-quantum laws, mathematical laws, etc…


                                                                    iv.      I believe this because “light” is a photon, a created thing, so it had to be created. Dividing it, or separating it from darkness is a “law”, which is an “instruction” given by God on how a created thing is to “act” and “react” to other things, i.e. darkness.


                                                                       v.      Here we see the “first day”, where I believe God, while speaking all of the laws into existence, spoke what we call the 4th dimension, creating TIME. This truly is the “beginning”



b.     Day 2 – Genesis 1:6-8

                                                                         i.      Now that there is a creation (a place for God to create) and the heavens set into place (space for all of creating, and the third heaven, God’s abode, where His throne is and a place between His creation and where God is fully existent) having spoken all of the laws into existence (setting the rules and parameters of all of creation) God can now get to work on creating the things that will follow these laws.


                                                                      ii.      First, God separates some of the waters that cover the earth placing it above the vault (LIT: expanse, support) our sky


1.      This is preparing for two things.

2.      First, a perfect climate and greenhouse for all of creation where there is a high oxygen content, plants and animals can grow large, and all vegetation grows without much cultivation or work.

3.      Secondly, preparing for the coming flood, where it will take 40 days for this upper water to fall to earth to flood it.


                                                                   iii.      The vault (support) at this time I believe is C02

                                                                    iv.      Why? Because tomorrow, on day 3, God is going to create plants, trees, and vegetation, which need C02 to live

                                                                       v.      This vault of C02 which will eventually be converted into oxygen from the trees, plants and vegetation is called “sky” which is the first heaven.



c.      Day 3 – Genesis 1:9-13

                                                                         i.      God then sculpts the earth, raising dry land and gathering waters into lakes and seas.


                                                                      ii.      God then creates the trees, plants, and vegetation.

1.      Each producing fruit or seeds “after their own kind”

2.      This statement debunks macro-evolution…no species or plant will create anything other than a variation of its own species.

3.      i.e. a cat will always create a cat, never a dog



d.     Day 4 – Genesis 1:14-19

                                                                         i.      As the vegetation processes the C02 from the vault (sky) through the Universal Natural Law of photosynthesis, God begins filling creation


                                                                      ii.      First setting the sun and moon into place and setting them into the proper movements to serve as “signs” to mark “sacred times”


1.      I believe the sacred times mentioned here is another foreshadowing of the coming “holy” days God will set into place in the future as recorded in Leviticus.

2.      All of these “holy” days are sacred because they point to Christ Jesus


                                                                   iii.      They are also used to mark the days and years so God could establish a calendar for man to track the passing of time and mark “when” in time the sacred events were to take place.


                                                                    iv.      The greater and lesser lights (Sun and Moon) also regulate the temperature of the earth, rotation, orbit, as well as cycle the waters and air through the pull of the moon on tides.

                                                                       v.      All of these things are necessary for life on earth



a.      It could not have been created in any other order

                                                                         i.      It is important we recognize the science of the creation week in Genesis


                                                                      ii.      God placed cues within the Word so that future mankind would recognize the science and know that this knowledge could not have been known by a man at the time this Word was writ


                                                                   iii.      Things like the fact that life could not exist on earth without the moon, and we see God placed it BEFORE creating man!


                                                                    iv.      Vegetation would not exist without sunlight on earth, or insects to pollinate them, so the creation days have to be literal days, or all God created on the previous days would have died



b.     Archaic man had no way of knowing this

                                                                         i.      So, it must be as the Word claims, all of scripture is “God-breathed”, Holy Spirit inspired


                                                                      ii.      There is no explanation for all of the writers of the Holy Bible to get so much correct about things that were not discovered for, in some cases, thousands and thousands of years after they were written!


                                                                   iii.      Job 26:7 says God hangs the earth upon nothing…

1.      Science didn’t understand or discover the earth “hung” upon nothing in space until 1650 AD


                                                                    iv.      Isaiah 40:22 talks about the earth being round.

1.      Isaiah was written at least 300 years before Aristotle suggested it a possibility, and it would be 2,000 years after that before Christopher Columbus would finally sail around the world proving it.


                                                                       v.      There are literally 100’s of examples of scientific truths God placed in his Word for those who may later doubt its authenticity.


                                                                    vi.      Ray Comfort has a book that only costs a few bucks called Scientific Facts in the Bible, get it.



c.      This is evidence that the Bible is the Word of the Living God

                                                                         i.      Only the knowledge of God, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, could give men the foreknowledge of so many scientific facts, revealed long before they were ever discovered!



            III.            DAY FIVE – FILLING THE WATERS AND SKY

a.      God fills the waters and sky with creatures

                                                                         i.      Now that God has created the heavens and earth, separated the waters with C02 to feed the next days creation of vegetation, raised dry land to create trees and plants to convert the C02 into oxygen, set the Sun and moon into motion to regulate the temperature and through gravitational pull regulate the seas and airflow, the earth is prepared for creatures.


                                                                      ii.      Notice, God did not create the sea creatures before the moons gravitation control of tides to regulate the seas!


                                                                   iii.      Nor did He create the birds before the winds which are caused by the heating and cooling of the air by the cycles of the sun and moon!


                                                                    iv.      Everything in the proper order!

                                                                       v.      Today, day 5, God fills the waters and air with life!



b.     “According to their kind”

                                                                         i.      In both cases, sea creatures and birds of the air, God spoke a limit on them, they will only create their own kind.


                                                                      ii.      This debunks evolution on a grand scale and sets limits that only allows creatures to create variants of themselves, but never “new” creations, or evolve into a different species.



                                                                   iii.      I believe God set these limits to prevent man’s “vain imaginations” from making up stories of how everything came from nothing and evolved into everything. How we started off as space dust which created everything and slime from a meteor from space crashed on earth creating a primordial soup that ALL life on earth evolved from.


1.      Besides the fact that if this were true, there should be literally BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of transitional species, we have NEVER found a single one.


2.      All we have ever found is evidence of micro-evolution, where species may “evolve” through natural selection or influence from outside influences, variances of their species.


3.      A dog will always be a dog, no matter how thick their fur may eventually evolve into to survive harsher climates, which would kill off dogs with thinner fur.


                                                                    iv.      This limit exists as another of God’s signature on His creation.

                                                                       v.      It is ONLY allowed to do when He set it out to do!


                                                                    vi.      Nothing new is being created (Genesis 2:1 “Therefore, the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array.” As well as the first law of thermodynamics, matter cannot be “created” nor “destroyed”)



c.      God blessed them

                                                                         i.      The blessing here is the ability to “create” on a smaller scale

                                                                      ii.      Through procreation the creatures of the sea and air were blessed with the ability to make offspring “of their own kind”

                                                                   iii.      They were told to fill the sea and the air

                                                                    iv.      And this was the 5th day








God has spent the last five days preparing the earth for His final, and greatest creation, a creation that will be in His own image.


Man could NOT exist on earth without the proper temperature and regulation of the air and waters through tides, which are all controlled (ruled/governed by) the Sun and Moon set into motion on day 4.


Nor could man exist on earth without oxygen, which is created through photosynthesis by the plants and trees created on Day 3.


Those plants and trees could not process through photosynthesis, nor the sun and moon stay in orbit using gravity to push and pull the tides without the Universal Natural Laws spoke into existence on Day 1.


Each day was set by God in the order needed to produce the creation He wanted.


Scientifically necessary to be set in the order they were, yet archaic man had no knowledge of these scientific facts.


I believe this is God’s signature within the Word, and why He places this evidence within the Creation week, the beginning of everything, telling all of us that none of creation was a mistake, but a perfect plan set into motion by God, who has orchestrated it all so that we may be in a relationship with the Creator through the sacrifice and debt paid by Jesus Christ, renewing our relationship with God the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit.



Next week we will begin our series with the sixth Day



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