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Paul's Epistles - Galatians Part 7 – The Law and the Promise

Paul's Epistles - Galatians
Part 7 – The Law and the Promise
Pastor Bruce A. Shields
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Paul has continued to preach “Christ the Deliverer”, the only one who can deliver us from the Law!

Remember, the 10 commands of God, the Law of Moses, was given by God, NOT to justify or save anyone, but to show our guilt and need for a savior.

Paul, being educated by one of the greatest teachers of the Law, Gamaliel, understood the Pentateuch  (Greek), or Torah, Paul came to realize that the Law does not justify anyone, nor does it save, Christ however, was the answer to the condemnation brought by the Law.

Putting Faith in Christ allowed one to receive His Grace, which was our Salvation.

Saved by Grace.

The ONLY salvation there is, which can only be found in the one who satisfied the requirements of sin, which was sacrifice.

Paul was upset and confronted Peter when Peter began to bend to pressure from the circumcised.

Peter began to separate himself from the Gentiles, and began teaching things such as obedience to the Law and circumcision, which is contrary to the work of Christ, and therefore, not only is it not necessary, it negates the work of the Cross, and paints a picture of Christ as being insufficient.

This offended Paul because it was contrary to the teachings of Christ, therefore Paul confronted Peter and opposed him on this front, claiming that Peter was not only teaching false doctrine, but causing brothers and sisters to fall, including Barnabas.

Paul’s opposed Peter, and last week looked at Abraham’s Faith to prove works cannot save. This week we will look at the Law and the Promise.

Brothers and sisters, let me take an example from everyday life. Just as no one can set aside or add to a human covenant that has been duly established, so it is in this case. 16 The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,” meaning one person, who is Christ. 17 What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise. 18 For if the inheritance depends on the law, then it no longer depends on the promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.
19 Why, then, was the law given at all? It was added because of transgressions until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come. The law was given through angels and entrusted to a mediator. 20 A mediator, however, implies more than one party; but God is one.
21 Is the law, therefore, opposed to the promises of God? Absolutely not! For if a law had been given that could impart life, then righteousness would certainly have come by the law. 22 But Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe.

a. No one can set aside (ignore) or add to a legal contract that has been officially established
                                                                                  i. The Abrahamic Covenant of Justification by Faith is still in force

                                                                               ii. It cannot be “set aside” or broken

b. The promises were spoken to Abraham and his seed (singular)
                                                                                  i. All those who are brought in through Salvation by Faith in Christ have part in this Promise

                                                                               ii. The Abrahamic Covenant which is Justification by Faith

c. The Law was established 430 years later
                                                                                  i. The Law “Law of Moses”

                                                                               ii. The Law of Moses did not annul the Abrahamic Covenant

                                                                            iii. The “inheritance” is ONLY established by God in the Promise of the Abrahamic Covenant!

a. The Law was added because of transgressions (sin)
                                                                                  i. The Law was given to define sin

b. The Law was given through angels and entrusted to mediator
                                                                                  i. In other words, Moses was the mediator

                                                                               ii. For there to be a mediator, there has to be more than one person involved

                                                                            iii. The mediator is the middle person between two or more people who are at enmity or hostile with each other.

c. Mediator implies more than one party, but God is one
                                                                                  i. God is the mediator of the New Covenant
1. But in a different way than Moses

                                                                               ii. Jesus is God, and Jesus is also man
1. Consequently, the New Covenant doesn’t depend upon man, but rather the man Christ Jesus.

                                                                            iii. Therefore this Covenant cannot fail

a. Absolutely not

b. If a Law had been given that could impart life then righteousness would certainly have come by the Law
                                                                                  i. The Law of Moses could only show man what he was without God
1. sinful
                                                                               ii. but it had now power to change the man!

                                                                            iii. When we have Faith in Christ, we become part of the Promise, which is the New Covenant
1. Then we are changed by the power of the Holy Spirit

c. But scripture locked everything up
                                                                                  i. The Law cannot give eternal life

                                                                               ii. It could only exact its penalty, which is death

CONCLUSIONThe promise by faith of jesus christ might be given to them who believe

Eternal life comes by Faith in the Promise.

That Promise is Jesus Christ, and what He accomplished at the Cross!

The word “believe” demands that Christ and the Cross ever be the object of our faith!

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