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The Revelation of Christ – Part 13: The First Seal – HOFC

The Revelation of Christ – Part 13:
The First Seal – HOFC
Pastor Bruce A. Shields
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The Book of Revelation, or the Revelation of Christ, is the most difficult book in the bible.

Because of this fact, many avoid it, or ignore it all together. Some fear lack of understanding, others afraid to misinterpret, which I guess it is better to avoid than dive in and get it completely wrong.

Many times, when a new believer comes to me for direction, they want to jump right into Revelation and find out what’s to come.

This is equivalent to deciding one day to learn Mandarin and sitting down to author a novel in Chinese that very same day.

Or, a kindergartener learning how to count, and then trying to calculate quantum mechanics calculations.

The words in Revelation have caused much debate on rapture, judgement, even some who claim John was writing about the events in his day in code rather than Jesus Christ revealing to him about the coming events and Judgment.

A special blessing is promised to those who read Revelation.

Although it may be a difficult book, we could all use a special blessing, reading this is good for us all, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will take the Revelation of Christ in small portions and gain understanding, little by little.


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Part 13 – The First Seal

Revelation 6:1,2
I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

a.   The Lamb is the Crucified Christ
                                     i.   We know this because all fell and worshipped and sang to Him in previous verses.
                                    ii.   He is on the Throne
                                   iii.   The Lamb, appearing as if slain
b.   The ONLY one who is worthy to open the seals
                                     i.   Seven seals representing a “perfect” seal or closure
                                    ii.   Jesus, the ONLY one worthy to open the seals, the only one who has fulfilled the Law, who is perfect, and worthy

c.   He opened the first of the seven seals
                                     i.   Each of the seven seals will reveal an event when broken
                                    ii.   The first, now broken open

d.   One of the Four Living Creatures says, “Come and see”
                                     i.   The four living creatures who stand before the Throne
1.   Each representing the Lord
2.   One of which speaks like the noise of thunder, saying, “Come and See”
                                    ii.   John, who was taken into the future to watch the actual events unfold, is witnessing them as they actually happen.
                                   iii.   “Come and see” tells us, it is destined, it cannot be avoided, this is a revelation from Christ, not of what might be, but what is.

a.   The horse is symbolic of human strength
                                     i.   Symbolizing worldly power
                                    ii.   A trusting in human flesh and armies rather than in God (Psalm 33:17)
                                   iii.   A horse is symbolic of vain hope for deliverance; despite all its great strength, it cannot save (Isaiah 31:1)
                                   iv.   A horse is used as a negative image of a spiritually dull person—along with mule and donkey—one cannot or will not understand the will of God. Psalm 32:9
                                    v.   Proverbs 21:31 “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.”

b.   The White Horse represents the strength put on the white symbol
                                     i.   White symbolic of truth and righteousness
                                    ii.   This rider is strong with words of Peace, making man believe he is truthful and righteous, but while he preaches peace, he prepares for war.
c.   Who presents himself as having truth, righteousness, salvation and strength through peace?
                                     i.   Here, it is the antichrist
                                    ii.   Presenting himself as the “Prince of Peace”
                                   iii.   The deliverer
                                   iv.   Hope, but despite his strength, there is no salvation in him (Isaiah 31:1)

a.   He who sat on the white horse had a bow
                                     i.   “He rode out as a conqueror” tells us, it was his intention from the very beginning to rule over all, to take and conquer, first through the ignorant and weak who handed him a crown, then through war, which he prepared for from the very beginning.
                                    ii.   He holds a bow, but there is no mention of arrows
                                   iii.   He preaches Peace, but is preparing for war
                                   iv.   Symbolized by the bow in his hand

b.   And a crown was given to him
                                     i.   Showing that he will conquer many countries

c.   At first, conquering through peace
                                     i.   They accept him, recognizing his strength
                                    ii.   They give him power over them, because they perceive him as truthful and righteous
                                   iii.   They hand him the crown to their nations
                                   iv.   And after the weak have fallen to him, he will take the rest through war

This, the first of the seven seals, opened by Christ, revealing to John the future which “is”, next, the second seal, and another horse.

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