Sunday, October 1, 2006

Welcome to the Truth Digest

We would like to welcome you to the Truth Digest!

We have dedicated ourselves to authoring the best in biblical sermons, which adhere to the written Word of God, and maintain Spiritual content.

We are firm believers in the fact that you must have a balance between the written Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

So many times we see people who are so "spiritual" they leave the realm of adherence to the Word, behaving sometimes in un-biblical ways, and justifying their actions by their feelings.

At the same time, there are those at the opposite end of the spectrum who become so Word oriented, ignoring the Holy Spirit, they become so literal in their beliefs that they miss out on God's gift to mankind.

We believe that God intends for us to fully believe the Written Word AND fully follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, in balance, one keeping the other in check.

We know that understanding of the written Word comes from the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit you can not understand the written Word. We must also acknowledge, the Holy Spirit will NEVER contradict the Word of God.

Thus, the two work together in harmony, giving us the ability to be a Biblically sound, Christ founded community of believers commonly called the Body of Christ.

May this website bless you and may you gain insight and understanding through it, allowing you to grow spiritually.

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